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The Secrets of Guo-Lai

Meet with He Softfoot in the Guo–Lai Halls and uncover the mogu's purpose in the western chamber.

I just received information from a guard stationed near the Ruins of Guo–Lai that the Shado–Tien leader entered the halls, killing two of my men in the process. They're intent on something inside. We need to stop them.

He Softfoot has already followed them in. He should be waiting for you at the entrance to the western chambers.

Move quickly, <имя>. I don't like the thought that the mogu may be a step ahead of us.

По завершении задания

Return to Leven Dawnblade at the Golden Pagoda in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

За выполнение задания вы получите
  • 2280
  • 17,110 опыта (6150 при выполнении на 95 уровне)
  • 250 репутации с фракцией Golden Lotus

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