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Unmasking the Yaungol

Lure Kobai into the Blinding Rage Trap, steal the Mask of Malevolent Fury from him, and then defeat Malevolent Fury.

Для выполнения даётся: Blinding Rage Trap


Для выполнения потребуются:


Simply killing Kobai will accomplish nothing, as he is possessed by a particularly powerful and destructive Sha — Malevolent Fury.

You will use the trap I have fashioned from the Blinding Rage Essences you brought. Lure him into the trap, and then steal his mask. Once you put it on, Malevolent Fury will appear and attempt to take control of you.

Defeat him, and we will have made a victory of this tragic situation. You can find him to the north of the retreat, where he taunts us in insane rage.

По завершении задания

Return to Shado–Master Chong at Shado–Pan Fallback in Kun–Lai Summit.

За выполнение задания вы получите
  • 2040
  • 16,430 опыта (1950 при выполнении на 95 уровне)
  • 350 репутации с фракцией Shado-Pan
  • На вас будет использовано заклинание неизвестное заклинание #81040

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